The Variable Classics: Hollandia 300 Spoiler Roof

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The variable classics: Hollandia 300 spoiler roof. Its attractive looks and versatility have made the Hollandia 300 spoiler roof one of Webasto's most popular sliding roofs. The two different sizes mean that the Hollandia 300 is even suitable for cars with arched roofs since the glass roof simply slides over the car roof. The spoiler helps minimize draughts. The two new versions Entry and Comfort allow an even more flexible use for a perfect integration into the vehicle interior's design. 


Technical features and mode of operation

Hollandia 300:

  • Protective Venus ® glass panel protects against heat and ultraviolet light
  • Wind deflector for perfect aerodynamics
  • Variety of operations (Manual, Electric)


Hollandia 300 Entry/Comfort:


  • Two new versions to perfectly fit into the interior 
  • In different colors illuminated operating elements


Hollandia 300



Size of glass panel (mm)
width x lengthVisible glass panel (mm)
width x lengthTilt height / 

sliding opening

Operation elements 

748 x 448

748 x 448

600 x 350

600 x 350

52 / 250

52 / 250

  • Electric
  • Soft touch
  • Rollo
  • Auto-Close System