THIRD EYE (Rear Accident Mirror) (Right/Left)

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Do you ever experience, people travelling in your car’s back seat while disembarking, open the door suddenly without noticing the vehicle coming from back and causes an accident and damaged to your car? Are you looking for this problem’s solution?

If your answer is yes, then please read on….

THIRD EYE (Rear accident Mirror) :

Generally, passengers sitting on the rear seat of the car while disembarking, Opens the door without knowing any vehicle or person approaching from the back side and this negligence causes the accident that may damage the car’s door. To help rear seat passengers, this THIRD EYE or Rear accident Mirror is to help prevent accidents caused by sudden opening of rear Right side door. This mirror stuck on the THIRD EYE and juts out only a little more than the door window visor. Thus, passengers in the back seats can look at this mirror to spot any approaching vehicle or people before opening the doors. 

Why Rear Accident Mirror (Benefits):

  • Helps in Disembarking: Helps rear seat passenger in focusing on the rear of the car while disembarking from the car.
  • Reduces chance of an accident: It will reduce the chances of accidents while disembarking from the car.
  • Rear Right side Passenger Can also look into the Mirror and can alert the Driver about the Vehicle Approaching from rear.
  • Rear right side Passenger Can also Enjoy the rear view on Highways.
  • The mirror fits like an O.E.