SPOTTER (Set Of 2 Pcs)

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Did you ever experience while changing lane, overtaking or while taking turns, all of a sudden vehicle approached from behind, from nowhere? Even it was not showing up in your side view mirror?  (This is called a blind spot.)

Do you afraid of such blind spot while driving? Looking for a solution to eliminate such blind spots?

In most cases, answer of Car users is YES, so read this further, it may help you in safe driving…



Wide Angle Mirror:

It only takes a split-second lapse of concentration to change lanes on a highway and pull straight into the path of another vehicle. You might think it would be impossible to miss something as big as a car creeping up from behind, but blind spots catch out even to the most careful drivers. You might collide with a vehicle even though you checked in the side mirror before changing the lane. The vehicular blind spot exists in the space between the driver’s peripheral vision and the area reflected in the rear-side view mirrors. This type of blind spot can swallow up entire vehicles, which is why it's so dangerous to change lanes without looking to the left or right. The Roger SPOTTER aims to cover the parts your standard side mirrors miss, giving you a far greater view of what’s going on behind your car. This is very much useful while changing lanes, while overtaking, taking turns or towing another vehicle behind yours. It gives a very clear view and the largest sight of the road behind. It is really easy to position it to eliminate blind spots.


Why Roger SPOTTER (Benefits):

•Convex SPOTTER: It shows you the blind view of, behind, which generally misses in your ordinary side view mirror. With this mirror you can easily spot a vehicle approaching from behind from a far distance on the highways.

•360 ° Adjustable: Due to flexible rotation, you can adjust it as per your need to take proper judgment.

•Parking Assist: While parking, it gives a perfect view of the backside and the floor, so you can able to park it in a perfect place. 

•Cover Side Areas: You can easily view wide side areas and can spot a vehicle approaching, to avoid any mishap.

•Helps Arthritis Patients: If you have arthritis or neck related problem, this mirror is perfect for a relaxed driving. With this mirror, you do not need to turn back or move your neck extreme left-right to check vehicle approaching from the back.

•Easy to Install: It is easy to install in your existing side mirror with 3M tape. 


How It Works (Technicality):

•This round wide angle Convex & Anti-Glare mirror provides Wide angle viewing.

•Easily mounts to original factory mirror with the 3M tape.

•Reduces blind spots and increases safety when you are passing or changing lanes.

•Optimal placement is on the bottom outside corner of the driver or passenger side mirror. But you can place it in any position of your preference for blind spot reduction.

•Universal - Fits in most cars.

•Improves confidence while backing up and parking.


How to use this Product (Method):

The SPOTTER is very useful product to drive confidently on highways and on city roads. It is extremely easy to install, place this round mirror on the bottom outside corner of side mirror of your car and stick it with 3M tape provided with the product. You can position it as per your preferences to avoid blind spots.

If this information has satisfied your curiosity, then just don’t close this computer or mobile window after reading it. Order this utilitarian product online and you will get delivery at your doorstep within a definite time. With this ultimate safety product improve your driving pleasure and confidence several folds.