Pioneer Smart Sync SPH C19BT

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Along with the Voice Control for Navigation, SPH-C19BT features One Touch Control for launching Navigation Application. User can use his own peferred Navigation App for navigating

Voice Guidance

With SPH-C19BT, Pioneer Smart Sync offers one-touch access to your most frequently used navigation app, making it easier for you to plot your trip to your destination. Some Voice commands that can be used like: "Navigate to", "Call", "Artist", "Album", "Song"


Any new upcoming message can be read out of the system. User can select from various compatible messaging app.


With SPH-C19BT, all it takes is one button to instantly respond to incoming calls. With Phone Key, you can even access your phone's address book with the touch of a button, making it easier to make calls.

Rear parking sensor compatibility

With Inbuilt Rear Parking Sensor, while reversing user can see the distance information on the head unit display and a beep sound can also be heard.

Audio Settings

With SPH-C19BT, user can use diversified audio tuning options from Pioneer Smart Sync App. Settings like equalizer, crossover and time alignment can all be controlled through easy touch interface of app.


Compatible Apps

Pioneer Smart Sync connects to a wide variety of commonly used apps, including music apps such as Spotify® and map apps such as Google Maps
It lets you easily access all the apps you use on a daily basis without distracting you from the road.