Innova Taillamps

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Better Road Safety

LED tail lights provide higher visibility to cars at night, ensuring better safety in driving. Built with several light bulb systems—as opposed to the single bulbs in traditional tail lighting fixtures, LED lights usually emit an array of tiny, sometimes colorful glittering lights, making vehicles easier to spot in the dark by drivers of other cars following behind.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights require only a minimal amount of energy to function. Tail lights made of LED, therefore, create less strain on car batteries. As a result, car batteries can last longer than they usually do, giving drivers even more opportunities to save a few bucks in their wallets.


LED tail lights may last for 10 years or more because they are highly durable. Unlike their traditional incandescent counterparts, they are less susceptible to breakage because they do not have a filament and the heat they produce is highly concentrated. They have been created to withstand harsh road conditions and may remain intact even when subjected to several intense road vibrations and thermal shocks. In addition, they produce less heat and is relatively cool to the touch, thereby protecting plastic car components that may be placed near them.